Lomo Lc-A Accessories

The Lomo LC-A
camera page is here. The biggest accessory is perhaps the Instant back. It has a page here. On this page you will find some accessories I found for cheap.

Lens Attachments

Two lens attachments in their boxes and a camera.

As the Lomo LC-A lens is built into the body, only lens attachments are possible. But there is no filter thread, so it's a bit more complicated. The attachments are held by strong magnets. Lomo provides self-adhesive metal rings to glue around le opening in the housing. It's easier on the LC-A + model, which has an accessory groove to slide a holder onto the housing.

Tunnelvision Attachment and Close-Up Lens

This is a double use attachment. The Tunnelvision Lens provides provides a special distorsion with a sharp center and soft areas. There is vignetting at the corners. The front part of the attachment can be unscrewed. The remaining lens part is a close-up lens down to 2.5 cm.

What's in the box: lens attachment, 2 caps, pouch, self-adhesive metal rings an instructions.

The ring glued to the camera.


..on the...


Front part unscrewed.

Fisheye Attachment

This is a typical fisheye wich gives an almost 180 view in a black circle.

What's in the box: lens attachment, 2 caps, pouch, self-adhesive metal rings an instructions.


...on the...


Filter Holder

This is a bit of DIY stuff based on the Splitzer For the LC-A +. The splitzer is gone, there is a skylight filter in the openening, wich can accept further filters via its thread. The holder is made for the accessory groove in the + model, but I will  try to find a solution for the ordinary LC-A.

The holder and some filters.

One filter in place.

If you use filters, think of the filter factor. As the sensor of the camera is not covered by the filter, it cannot take it into account. You can adjust film ISO setting instead. But please don't forget to set it back when there is no filter again...