Lomo LC-A Instant

The Lomo LC-A camera can be attached to a special Fuji Instax back. I had a LC-A from a flea market. When I saw a classified ad of an Instant kit for cheap, I had to have it. A small format is not suitable for the instant format in principle, not even for the Fuji Mini. I looked at the photos taken with the kit on the web. There was heavy vignetting, the Lomo style, but nevertheless there were Instant photos. Anyway the back would be suitable for DIY projects.

The box for the kit.

The kit next to a LC-A, a back, a correction lens to put inside the camera, a viewer, hinges, tiny screws, a screwdriver and a big screw for the tripod mount.

On an older LC-A camera you will have to change the hinges as the rear flap was firmly fixed to the camera. The newer LC-A+ models already have hinges which are detachable.

To unscrew the old hinges, you have to peel off a small part of the camera's black skin. The old screws will be encrusted with glue, so have some patience and clean their heads well.

camera attached to the Instant back.

The other side. Please note the different distance scale. The pictures have a wider angle.

The back seen from the back.

First try, inside at night, lamplight without flash. The image has heavy vignetting (as expected) and it's a bit blurry. The LC-A lens is known to be soft wide open.

Dark and rainy day.

Veranda, dark and rainy day. The camera gets the expore right, but obviouly it chooses F 2.8 which makes the picture a bit blurry. The longer distance between the lens and the film and the plastic correction lens lets the system lose 2 F-stops. You have to set the camera to ISO 200 although the Instax film is ISO 800.

Sunny day. With a smaller F-stop things get better. Even the vignetting gets better, but only a bit.

If you want Lomo style Instant photos, the Lomo LC-A Instant back is fine. In any case, it's fun to use a small format camera for instant film. Maybe a better (glass) correction lens would improve things. But the Lomo community would certainly not approve it.

There is a kit for the adaption of the Instant back to the LC Wide shown here.