Lomo LC Wide Instant

The Lomo LC Wide camera can also be attached to a special Fuji Instax back. I had a LC-A and an Instant kit for cheap(shown here). A small format is not suitable for the instant format in principle, not even for the Fuji Mini, but I had seen the results with my LC-A kit. There is heavy vignetting, the Lomo style, but nevertheless there are Instant photos. So I wanted to know how the LC Wide would perform.

The box with the adaption kit.

The kit contains a correction lens to put in front of the camera lens and a viewer.


Camera attached to the Instant back and correction lens in front of the camera lens. It'a magnetic, attaches well and it's only made of plastic.
The newer LC-A+ models already have hinges which are detachable.

The kit ready to shoot.

First  test on a dull day. It's ultra-wide.

The vignetting is quite similar to the LC-A.

Photo taken at 30cm (!) distance, aperture wide open. It's pure Lomo style. The camera on the photo is a Konica Pearl IV.

The Instant back for both Lomo LC cameras is more a gadget. But it's fun to have and gives immediate results. So I will keep it and it will not end in a DIY project.