Holga 120 (G)TLR

This camera is a Holga 120 TLR. It isn't a real Twin Lens Reflex, the viewing lens doesn't focus. So it's more a brilliant finder camera like the Voigtländer Brillant. The finder is more a gadget. For more information on the Holga 120 versions, please refer to the Holga 120 main page.

The camera is a 120 GTLR, it has a glass lens and a built-in flash with colour filters, so in Holga speak it's a GTLR
CFN. Its main features are:

60mm simple plastic menikus lens, ~F13 and F20, zone focus 1- 
Shutter ~1/100, B
Size 140x120x74,  Weight 270 gr.
2 frame masks,
56x56mm and 56x43mm

The box.

Camera with lens caps.

Camera front, finder unfolded.

Camera back. Flash switch, flash ready lamp and red window.

Camera top. Flash colour selector, brilliant finder and film advance.

The camera also has a sports finder.

Camera bottom. Tripod socket, speed selector.


F-switch near the lens and distance setting via symbols on the lens barrel.

Film compartment with 4.5x6 mask installed.

Under the film mask you have access to the flash batteries, 2 simple AA type.

This camera is heavier than the Diana and feels more solid. As the Diana it
is a basic plastic camera with only one speed, no automatic exposure, no automatic film advance, no autofocus, not even a rangefinder, cheaply made plastic lenses that produce heavy vignetting and random results. As for the Diana, I don't think about measuring, I guess and I try.

The brilliant finder doesn't focus, but it's fun to use it. So for me the Holga is a nice find. I bought it with some rolls of film. Seen the film prices, the camera was for free.