Roniflex X3000 Fake SLR Focus Free Camera

This is a so-called Focus Free or Toy Camera, a simple plastic camera. It was quite common. This one was a give-away for Daxon, a French women's clothing chain. It immitates the appearance of a SLR Camera, but it's cheap plastic. At least the ring around the lens has real aperture settings, it is not all fake as on the other fake SLR from Time/Life on this site.

Its main features are:

50mm plastic lens, F6, focus free
Shutter ~ 1/100, 3-4 apertures
Double Exposure Prevention, hot shoe, lens cap
Size 125 x 85 x 69,  Weight 144 gr.

Camera front. There is a lens cap mde of cheap soft plastic.

Camera back. Viewer and film advance.

Camera top. Film rewind, hot shoe, shutter release and film counter.

Camera bottom. A plastic only  tripod socket, doesn't make sense with 1/100 single speed. Rewind release.

Aperture can be set by numbers, on mine there are only 3 real stops at 8, 16 and 22, but you can squeeze the ring towards 6 which opens the aperture another bit, or...

... by the weather symbols.

Film compartment. Note the curved film plane, it helps against the vignetting of the simple plastic lens. You have to lift the film rewind handle to open the camera.

This focus free camera is a bit better, as it has 3-4 apertures. It's point and shoot only. If you choose the right film, ISO 200 in general and ISO 100 on sunny days, you can shoot outside photos that look quite OK. It will be "Lomo" style. You can attach a flash for interior photos.