Lomo Smena 8m

The Lomo Smena 8m is a simple an basic Russian camera from the early 1970s, production has ended around 1993 and more than 2 million have been made. So it's common and cheap. It is fully manual, a black plastic box capable of shooting very decent photos on 35mm film. There is no focus aid, no meter, it's all guesstimation.

Its main features are:

40mm T-43 3-element glass lens, F4-F16, zone focus, 1m-
Shutter 1/250 - 1/15, B, has to be cocked manually
Size 100x70x60,  Weight 289 gr.
PC flash connector

Camera front. There were several variants for the nameplate. This one lacks the Smena 8m indication, maybe washed away. The F-stop setting is linked to the DIN/ASA setting (16-250), if you want to use the cameras guesstimation. The F-stops are real, so if you have a meter, use the F-stops.

Camera back. Viewer, film counter and film advance.

Camera top. Film rewind, cold shoe and shutter release.
Around the lens: weather symbols, coupled to shutter speed, shutter cocking lever. Depth-of-field scale. Distance in meters and via symbols.

Camera bottom. Tripod socket. On the lens barrel: flash socket.

Left side. On the lens barrel: shutter speeds.

Right side. Back opening slider.

Film compartment. The wind-up spool can be replaced by a Russian film canister to use unconfectioned film.

This camera in its simili-leather case.

Case closed.

Technically the Smena 8m is like an early mechanical camera. Guessing the exposure via the symbols works, but it's not as good as the later Elikon/Agat models. If you use a meter, it's fine. The lens is quite good. There are skilled russian sellers who sell the lens adapted to M39 for a use on modern cameras. If you are interested, I have done a test here. The link opens in a new window.

A nice basic camera for nearly no money.