Lomo Oktomat

The Lomo Oktomat is a simple and basic fun camera with 8 lenses that takes 8 photos, 12x9mm, on one 24x36mm frame. This is an extended type of a Lomo ActionSampler that took 4 photos at a time. It was launched about 2013, the dates vary from 2012 to 2014.

Its main features are:

8x plastic wide lens, F8, fixed focus, 1.2m -
Shutter 1/100, 8 pictures in 2.5 s, successively all 8 lenses are opened
Size 110x75x32,  Weight 110 gr.

Camera with strap.

Camera front. 8 Lenses.

iewing frame unfolded.

Camera back.

Camera top. Film rewind, aiming device and rewind release button. Shutter release. Lever for film advance and shutter cocking.

Camera bottom. Tiny, tiny film counter.

Film compartment.

Using the Lomo Oktomat is easy. A cycle takes 2.5 second which gives different pictures from a moving subject. First the lenses of the upper row are fired in about one second, then the camera switches to the second row and fires the lower row in one second. Of course you can move the camera while firing, but don't move too quick, as 1/100s shutter speed may give blurred pictures unless you want them so.

As there is only one shutter speed, you have to choose your film depending on the weather conditions. On bright days ISO 200 is fine, on dull days ISO 400 is better. Modern film is quite flexible, so you will have usable results. Inside or at night photos are not possible. It's a toy or fun camera, all plastic.

Some gereral words about Lomography and their service: There is a 2-year warranty, at least in Europe. My personal experience with their service is very good. As most of their cameras are made of (cheap) plastic, there is no repair, they just exchange your defective camera. You have to send it in to their Vienna office at your expenses, which is not cheap if you are not based in Austria, but they try to compensate by adding film or so to the return. You absolutely need a proof of purchase, there was heavy abuse by fraudulent customers they told me. So if you buy second hand or your camera is gift, be sure to put your hands on the proof of purchase. After  the 2-years warranty period it's over. They will try to help for the expensive not-so-plastic cameras like the LC series, but for the rest there is no repair. Keep this in mind for the prices you pay for older gear.

The Oktomat was hyped for some time after no new cameras were available. They reached ridiculous prices, but this has calmed down. So I had to wait quite some time to get a cheap working one. At launch the camera was sold for 39€. Its mechanisms are simple plastic and fragile, they easily break. The plastic is more than 10 years old. So if you want one, be sure that it still works, handle with care and don't spend too much money. Nevertheless the camera is real fun.

With 8 different pictures in a short time you can even scan them and make short little moving gifs out of them. Try it out, it's extra fun!