Hotax Waterproof Flash Camera Focus Free

This is a so-called Focus Free or Toy Camera, it's waterproof and it has a flash. It's a simple plastic camera. The camera seems to be less common. The little camera inside the waterproof housing is a common focus free camera with flash. The housing is quite solid. Flash use under water has to be decided before you go: the switch is on the camera and not connected to the outside. So it's either flsh all the time or no flash at all.

Its main features are:

28mm wide angle plastic lens, focus free
Shutter ~1/100
Size of the camera alone: 118x62x30, Weight 124 gr
Size with housing: 140x88x42,  Weight 251 gr

Some photos of the camera:

Camera and some instructions in different languages.

Housed camera front. There is a foldable aiming device on the top of the housing. Shutter release button and film wind are on the top as well.

Housed camera back.

Housing open.

Inside camera closed.

Camera front. Flash charge via the slider.

Camera back. Viewer with flash ready lamp, film advance

Camera top. rewind handle, counter and shutter release.

Bottom. Rewind release. Battery compartment, takes one AA battery.

These are the ultimate basics of a waterproof camera, focus free, single shutter speed and fixed aperture. Point and shoot only. Choose 200 ISO film on very sunny days and ISO 400 in general. Modern film is quite flexible and modern labs can adapt when scanning, so there will be acceptable results.