Fex Impera Renault

The Fex Impera is a very basic point and shoot camera, all plastic, for 4x4cm pictures on 127 film. It was launched quite late, in 1967, when 135 film had already the biggest share of the market. There is absolutely nothing to do but shoot and advance the film. It was widely distributed as promotional give-away for numerous companies. In most of the cases the name of the company was just printed in white on the top of the camera.

This one, for the Renault company, is different. The Renault sign is printed on the front. These cameras are said to be given to the new owners of a Renault R12 and R16. I have a little doubt about it, the R16 was the expensive top model of the firm. I would expect a better give-away for these clients.

Its main features are:

45mm meniscus lens, F8, focus free, 1m-
Shutter 1/100
Size 125x95x55mm Weight  200gr.

Camera front. Lens, viewer, shutter release-

Camera back. Viewer and red window.

Camera top. Film wind.

Camera bottom. Nothing to see, o tripod socket, wouldn't make sense with 1/100 single speed.

Film compartment and a lot of empty space.

These are the ultimate basics of a roll film camera, focus free, single shutter speed and F8 fixed aperture. Point and shoot only. If you choose the right film, ISO 400 in general and ISO 200 on very sunny days, you can shoot outside photos that look o.k.. The rest will be "Lomo" style. Seen the price of 127 film I would not run a roll through it. It was given to me on a flea market, just for free. It's more an item for collectors of promotional give-aways.