Coca Cola Song Focus Free Camera

This is a so-called Focus Free or Toy Camera, a simple plastic camera. This one is a merchandizing product of the Coca Cola Company and has some extra features. When you push a button on the front, it plays the famous "Allways Coca Cola" tune and the LEDs flash. There were different stylings of this camera available. It has often been sold in a packing that resembles a big Coca Cola can. A must-have for Coca Cola fans.

Its main features are:

35mm wide angle plastic lens, focus free, 3 apertures
Shutter ~ 1/100
Double Exposure Prevention, flash, music chip, lock for shutter release
Size 130 x 75 x 43,  Weight 163 gr.

Camera front.
Top: Viewer and flash, between them a lamp that lights with the flash. Aperture/flash switch. The 400 setting is the smallest, maybe F16, the 100 setting is a little bit bigger and the flash setting switches the flash on and has a F5.6 aperture. Lens, to the left 5 LEDs that blink when the music is playing, to the right, a speaker. The gray button near the right edge plays the music when pushed.

Camera back. Viewer, flash ready lamp, film advance and a tiny film presence window.

Camera top. Film rewind, film counter, shutter release and lock for shutter release.

Camera bottom. Rewind release and battery compartment. Takes 2 AA batteries.

Film compartment. No curved film plane, so there will be more vignetting of the simple plastic lens.

This is a basic of camera, focus free, single shutter speed, but it has 3 apertures. If you choose the right film, ISO 400 in general and ISO 200/100 on sunny days, you can shoot outside photos that look OK. The rest will be "Lomo" style, but you can use flash for interior photos. It's also possible to take out the batteries and use the flash aperture setting for interior photos without flash. A fun camera indeed.