Charman Big Mini M 101 Focus Free Camera

This is a so-called Focus Free or Toy Camera, a simple plastic camera. It's a quite common model, sold in different colours and under different names. This one is named Charman Big Mini. There is Konica Big Mini, a high quality camera, so the name might have been chosen by purpose...

Its main features are:

Wide angle plastic lens, focus free
Shutter ~ 1/100
Double Exposure Prevention, hot shoe
Size 115x70x45,  Weight 116 gr.

The box.

Camera, box and instructions. 


Camera back. Viewer and film advance.

Camera top. Film rewind (handle does not even fold), hot shoe and shutter release.

Camera bottom. Tiny film counter, rewind release.

Film compartment. Not even curved film plane, so there will be more vignetting of the simple plastic lens.

These are the ultimate basics of a camera, focus free, single shutter speed and fixed aperture. Point and shoot only. If you choose the right film, ISO 400 in general, you can shoot outside photos that look OK. The rest will be "Lomo" style, but you can attach a flash for interior photos. This camera seems to have a very small aperture, so photos on dull days may be dark. As there is no curved film plane, there will be more vignetting than usual.