Charman AW-850 Focus Free Camera

This is a so-called Focus Free or Toy Camera, a simple plastic camera. This one has quite some features, motor drive, flash, 2 ISO settings and a slider to protect the lens. There is little information about this model, there are similar models with different number like a 650.They are all focus free, single shutter speed with a plastic lens.

Its main features are:

Wide angle plastic lens, focus free
Shutter ~ 1/100
Double Exposure Prevention, flash,
2 ISO settings, slider
Size 129x72x50,  Weight 180 gr.

Camera closed and strap.

Camera open. Slider for 2 ISO settings and flash.

Camera back. Viewer, flash ready lamp and film type window. Camera back opening button.

Camera top. Film wind indicator, tiny counter and shutter release.

Camera bottom. Film rewind slider. Only works when film is present and has to be held until it stops. Battery compartment. Takes 2 AA batteries.

Film compartment. Not even curved film plane, so there will be vignetting of the simple plastic lens.

These are the ultimate basics of a camera, focus free, single shutter speed and fixed aperture. Point and shoot only. You can choose between 2 ISO settings (apertures). The rest will be "Lomo" style, but you can use the flash for interior photos. This camera has motor wind. When loading film, tear the film leader across the film plane, hook it to the winding spool. Close the back and fire the shutter twice. Ready. As there is no curved film plane, there will be more vignetting than usual.