Agfa Le Box (Flash) Focus Free Disposable Camera

This is a so-called disposable camera, an Agfa Le Box. It exists in 2 versions, with or without flash. It's a simple plastic focus free camera. It was a widely spread standard model. After taking all the pictures, the whole camera goes to the processing lab, they crack it open and the body is disposed of. There are different models and stylings, but basically they are all the same. It's very small and light.

Its main features are:

Wide angle plastic lens, 27 exp., focus free, 1m-
Shutter ~1/100
Size w/o flash 90 x 55 x 33,  Weight 70 gr
Size with flash 105 x 55 x 33,  Weight 113 gr

Some photos of the camera:

Both models and their boxes.

Seen from the back.

Camera front, flash model. If you want to use flash, you have to push and hold the flash button until the flash ready lamp lights up.

Camera back. Flash ready lamp, viewer, film advance. Basic instructions.
Expiry date has been long ago.

Camera top. F
ilm counter and and shutter release.

Camera bottom. Nothing to see.

These are the ultimate basics of a disposable camera, focus free, single shutter speed and fixed aperture. Point and shoot only. They chose ISO 400 film which might be a bit difficult on sunny days, but results are better for interior locations. Modern film is quite flexible and modern labs can adapt when scanning, so there will be acceptable results.