Action Sampler Camera

This is an Action Sampler Camera, a simple and basic fun camera with 4 lenses that takes 4 photos, 12x18mm, on one 24x36mm frame. This one is different from the Lomo ActionSampler and its predecessor, the
Action Tracker. It has a viewer like an ordinary plastic camera.

Its main features are:

4x 26mm wide lens, F11, fixed focus, 1.2m -
Shutter 1/100, 4 pictures in 1 s via a rotating disk with one hole, which passes successively before all 4 lenses
Size 100x67x35,  Weight 114 gr.

Camera with pouch.

Camera front. Viewer. 4 Lenses..

Camera back. Thumb wheel for film advance and shutter cocking.

Camera top. Film rewind and shutter release. The housing is semi-transparent.

Camera bottom. Film counter and rewind release button.

Film compartment.

Using the Action Sampler is easy. A cycle takes one second which gives different pictures from a moving subject. Don't move too quick, as 1/100s shutter speed may give blurred pictures unless you want them so.

As there is only one shutter speed, you have to choose your film depending on the weather conditions. On bright days ISO 200 is fine, on dull days ISO 400 is better. Modern film is quite flexible, so you will have usable results. Inside or at night photos are not possible. It's a toy or fun camera, all plastic, but it's well made.

This version seems to be a newer version of the original Action Tracker. It is still sold with different stylings and brandings. The technical parts inside still seem to be the same. The addition of a viewer seems a good idea to me.