2-Way Panoramic Focus Free Camera

This is a so-called Focus Free or Toy Camera, a simple plastic camera. It seems to be not common.

Its main features are:

35mm wide angle plastic lens, focus free
Shutter ~ 1/100
Double Exposure Prevention, flash, lens protection slider, panorama setting
Size 125 x 72 x 48,  Weight 129 gr.

Camera front closed. 

Lens open. the ring around the lens has 3 settings, camera closed, open and flash on.

Camera back. Panorana switch, viewer, flash ready lamp and film advance. Film presence window, not common on these cameras.
Battery compartment. Takes 2 AAA batteries.
Camera top.
Rewind handle, rewind release, shutter release and film counter.

Camera bottom. Nothing to see as all controls are on top.

Film compartment. Note the curved film plane, it helps against the vignetting of the simple plastic lens. There are 2 masks that switch for panorama setting.

These are the ultimate basics of a camera, focus free, single shutter speed and fixed aperture. Point and shoot only. If you choose the right film, ISO 400 in general and ISO 200 on very sunny days, you can shoot outside photos that look o.k.. The rest will be "Lomo" style, but you can use flash for interior photos. This camera is quite big and has a very noisy shutter.